1. Use of any County property in violation of the rules is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate removal of user and their property from the fairgrounds. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bannock County from any claims in any way resulting from or connected to user’s use of grounds.

2. An Open Ride pass lets you ride in the arena with one person, one horse and a saddle.

This does not include team rope, calf rope, or goat tie. You will need to reserve the indoor arena for a scheduled block time. The fee is $50.00 an hour if you would like the arena for your own use.

3. Bannock County Staff will be preparing arenas prior to events. During preparation, users may be asked to vacate arena for safety reasons.

4. Any barrels, poles, or equipment must be taken out of arenas when finished, or after the events

5. No shoeing of horsed in arenas at any time.

6. Use of the Indoor Arena without an Open Ride Pass will be a $25.00 fine. You may purchase a day riding pass for $15 or a 12month riding pass for $120 (family, $240) 6 month pass for $80 (family, $170) and a month pass is $25 (family, $30)

7. If you lose control of your animal, or any unsafe actions towards other people riding and their animals, you will be asked to leave by a Bannock County.

8. No unauthorized vehicles in Indoor Arena. You will receive a $25.00 Fine and could lose your Open Riding Pass—this includes 4-wheelers.

9. Do not block indoor arena doors or access road on north end of arena.

10. No permanent altering to facility is allowed.

11. All animals must be treated and cared for humanely. The Bannock County Facilities and Bannock County Sherrifs will investigate any negligence reported.

12. Bannock County will not be responsible to the user for any loss of or damage to property from the use of premises, however occurring, nor for the provision of security for the protection of user’s occupancy.

13. No camping in or around Indoor arena. Hookup facilities are available at RV Park—$25.00 per night—payment to be deposited into red payment box.

14. No dogs at large.

15. No horses in concession area, RV Park, or on lawns.

16. When working Indoor Arena, you may be asked to vacate by a Bannock County supervisor or production worker. This is for the safety of the riders, animals and Bannock county workers.

17. Waste from horse trailers must be disposed of at designated sites in barn area – ask Bannock County staff for specific area.

18. Place all foreign material (i.e. strings, twine, bottles etc.) in garbage cans.

19. No unattended horses left in arena.

20. Horses to be tied up at specific area designated for them – ask Bannock County staff for specifics area. If not cleaned out in the designated area, a $25.00 fine will be assessed and the loss of 6 month riding pass.

21. Bannock County policy is that no person engaged in equine activities shall recover from Bannock County or it’s agents for injuries resulting from the inherent risks of such equine activity, or of or pertaining to such animals. Bannock County is not responsible for the loss-from any source, of animals or equipment and tack.