Bannock County Fairgrounds

The Bannock County Fairgrounds, located in Downey, Idaho, are the location of the annual Bannock County Fair. The fairgrounds contain two community use arenas; a community use covered-pavilion; exhibit buildings; and barns for horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and rabbits. The fairgrounds are the perfect setting for young and old alike to enjoy the ambiance of an old-fashioned fair!

4:00p.m. Wednesday, September 18, 2019 – Fair Office

A. Call meeting to order:

B: Agenda Approval: (Action Item)

C. Communication:

Welcome Delegates and Visitors

D. Visitor Input:

This time provides an opportunity for the public to speak on agenda items before the board takes action. Patrons desiring to speak on items not on the agenda need to make a request to be on the next board meeting agenda.

E. Old Business

     Approval of Minutes (Action Item)
     Approval of Bills and Financials (Action Item)   

F.  Action, Discussion, Items

  1. 4-H Report – Nikki Dalton
  2. Fair Report – Piney Morrison
  3. Facilities Report – Guy Patterson, Troy Eastvold, Saul Ramirez-Diaz
  4. Commission Report— Commissioner Ernie Moser
  5. Discussion Items
    1. Purchase of heater for new shop (ACTION ITEM)
    2. Welder for Downey (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
    3. Downey vehicles (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
    4. Bleachers update (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
    5. Fiscal year end spending (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
    6. Sub Committees Discussion (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
    7. RMAF attendance (POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM)
  6. Board Members: Sheldon Barfuss, Tarry Barker, Ivan Bloxham, Jim Bowman, Kelly Fly, Dana Evans

G. Executive Session Idaho Code 74-206 (if necessary)

H. Action from Executive Session

I. Adjourn:

Any person needing special accommodation to participate in the above noticed meeting, please contact 208-237-1340 seven days prior to the meeting.